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Choosing The Right Citizen Men's Watch 

Are you looking for a Citizen Eco Drive watch for yourself or someone special but have no idea where to start? We can help with this simple guide to choosing that perfect watch.



A good place to start would be the classic watches with their stunning appearance that suits all occasions. These watches have been popular for years, and still are due to their eternal style sense. Furthermore, with citizen’s eco-drive technology all the watches in this range certainly are one step ahead of their time. Available to buy with a genuine leather strap or with a metal bracelet in one or two tone colour, there are plenty of different watches to choose from and fall in love with.

View Citizen Classic Dress Watches

Similar Citizen Eco-Drive Classic Watches For Men:
Citizen BM6010-55ACitizen BM6010-55ECitizen BM8224-51ECitizen BM8220-51LCitizen BM7320-52LCitizen BM7251-53HCitizen BM7310-56HCitizen CA0331-56LCitizen AW1430-86E



Watches with titanium cases have the durability factor. In some watches only the case is made from titanium but in others the strap is also the same material. This creates a stronger, longer lasting construction yet at the same time does not add any extra weight, making it perfect for use in your active life where durability is essential but extra weight needs to be avoided.

View Citizen Eco Drive Titanium Watches

Similar Citizen Men's Titanium Watches:
Citizen BM7170-53LCitizen AW1247-58ECitizen AW1490-50ECitizen BM6560-54HCitizen CC2006-61E



Stiletto watches are another example of a dress watch but are a step up from the classic citizen designs. Thanks to the advanced thin mechanism built by citizen, these watches were launched as the world’s slimmest solar powered watch. Designs such as these are perfect for nights out when they are not only readily available for the time, but can also be hidden discreetly under a sleeve.

View Citizen Stiletto Watches For Men

Citizen Men's Stiletto Super-slim Collection:
Citizen AR3015-53ECitizen AR3010-57ECitizen AR1004-51ECitizen AR1123-51ACitizen AR3034-59ACitizen AR1120-50FCitizen AR1122-11A



Radio controlled watches are a great gift for the perfectionist. The watch will periodically synchronise with the time signal tower, allowing it to show precise local time. The signal tower relays this time to your watch from a standard scientist’s clock which is correct to 1 second in a million years so it is safe to say that your watch will always be the most accurate way to tell the time. This feature can be used in UK as well as in the regions of Germany, the USA, Japan and China as citizen watches are able to pick up the signal from the towers in these zones.

View Citizen Radio Controlled Watches For Men

Citizen Radio Controlled Perpetual Calendar World Time Watches:
Citizen AT9070-51LCitizen AT9071-58ECitizen AT9010-52LCitizen CB0020-50ECitizen BY0120-54ECitizen AT8116-57ECitizen AT8110-02ACitizen AT9016-56HCitizen BY0106-55HCitizen BY0100-51HCitizen AT8113-55A



A perpetual calendar is another nifty little time saver. The majority of watches nowadays display the date, whether it is just the number, the day of the week or both. However, this type of calendar automatically adjusts the date, registering which months have which number of days and when it is a leap year. This means that unlike most analogue watches, there is no need to change the date manually at the start of every month.

View Citizen Perpetual Calendar Watches For Men

Citizen Radio Controlled Perpetual Calendar Watches:
Citizen AT4007-54ECitizen AT4004-52ECitizen AT4008-51ECitizen AT4000-02ECitizen AT4011-57LCitizen AT4106-52XCitizen AT4006-06X Citizen AT4006-06X



This is a collection of practical watches that is ideal for travellers and professionals. Perhaps your job requires you to travel abroad to a particular country on a regular basis - With the dual time zone option, there is a separate dial that you can set up for another country enabling you to view both your local time and that of your destination. Another option is the world time feature. Simply set the location and the watch will do the rest.

View Citizen World Time Eco-Drive Watches For Men

Citizen World Time/Dual Time Watches
Citizen AT9016-56HCitizen BJ7008-51E



The ultimate watch design for accurate timekeeping and world-wide reception. Synchronizing both with the time and the calendar, the watch receives signals like the radio controlled designs, except these signals come from a satellite orbiting the earth at 20,000 km hence the ability for around the globe service. This unique design is extra special because citizen produced the world’s first satellite synchronized watch with full metal casing, which is sure to enhance your professional look.

View Citizen Satellite Wave Air Watch For Men

Citizen Satellite Wave Air Watches:
Citizen CC3005-85E Citizen CC9030-51E



Citizen, in partnership with Royal Military, has made some unique watches available to everyone.

The Royal Marines watches are built to be super-tough in order to adhere to the specifications required of them. Examples of their features include premium sapphire crystal glass with 9H hardness for extra protection against scratches, titanium casing and 300 meters of water resistance, giving the watch the ability to be used in virtually any possible situation. Another unique feature to be seen on some models is the Kevlar strap, which is not only comfortable but also has been crafted from the same materials that can be found in bullet-proof vests.


View Citizen Royal Marines Commandos Watch For Men

More Citizen Royal Marines Collection:
Citizen BN0110-06ECitizen BN0110-57ECitizen BJ9140-01E


The Red Arrows collection is made in partnership with Red arrows team, the ambassadors of the Royal Air Force. The Red Arrows are well known around the world as an aerobatics display team. These watches are inspired by the Red Arrows reputation which is built on commitment and professionalism as they pride themselves on precision performance with unrivalled skill, passion and equipment.

View Citizen Red Arrows Collection

Citizen Red Arrows Collection:
Citizen JY0110-55ECitizen JY8059-57ECitizen JY0100-59ECitizen JY0100-08ECitizen AT8060-09ECitizen AT8060-50ECitizen CA0080-54ECitizen CA0080-03E



Any watch in the category is sure to be extra special as there are only a limited number made with each one having its own unique number. In addition, they usually have special packaging that is specific to that model only and cannot be found elsewhere.

View Citizen Eco Drive Limited Edition Watches

Citizen Limited Edition Watches:
Citizen JY8057-01ECitizen JY8056-04ECitizen BN0147-57ECitizen BZ1028-04E Citizen JY8039-54E


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