Meet WatchO's Makers!

Posted by Nicole on 7th Feb 2019

For WatchO’s next blog, we have decided to give you a little bit of an insight into the people who made this company what it is today. Meet our managers, Pradip and Vim. Read on as I ask them questions that my colleagues and I have gathered about their personal lives and their views on recent business handling's.

In addition to this, we have also added some answers from the rest of the team!

Question 1: When you were younger, did you ever think you would be working with watches? 

Pradip – “No” 

Vim – “No” 

Nicole – “No” 

Terri – “No” 

Kiran – “No” 

Sam – “No” 

Question 2: What age did you get into watches? 

Pradip – “31” 

Vim – “8” 

Question 3: What is your idea of a perfect day? 

Pradip – “Personal side: Reading, playing with kids. Workwise, new projects are most exciting” 

Vim – “Sun, Sand, Sea” 

Nicole – “Family, Friends, Sunshine, The Vampire Diaries and a roast dinner” 

Terri – “A beer garden in the summer” 

Kiran – “My perfect day starts with a lay in, good food, shopping, finished off with a relaxing massage.” 

Sam – “Time spent in the sun with good company!” 

Question 4: What is your favourite film? 

Vim – “Silsila” 

Nicole – “Twilight/Anything Marvel” 

Terri – “Snatch” 

Kiran – “Lord of the rings, all day, everyday!” 

Sam – “Blood Diamond and all movies that Denzel Washington is in!” 

Question 5: What is your favourite TV Show? 

Pradip – “The Blue Planet” 

Vim – “YMH” 

Nicole – “The Vampire Diaries/The Originals” 

Terri – “Gavin & Stacey” 

Kiran – “Has to be Grey's Anatomy!” 

Sam – “Power and Prison Break” 

Question 6: Where were you born? 

Pradip – “Shevgaon, India” 

Vim – “Trinidad” 

Nicole – “Milton Keynes” 

Terri – “Milton Keynes” 

Kiran – “Milton Keynes” 

Sam – “Up North” 

Question 7: Where did you grow up? 

Pradip – “India” 

Vim – “San-Fernando” 

Nicole – “Milton Keynes” 

Terri – “Milton Keynes” 

Kiran – “Milton Keynes” 

Sam – “Milton Keynes” 

Question 8: What age were you when you came to the UK? 

Pradip – “26” 

Vim – “21” 

Question 9: What is your favourite food? 

Pradip – “Daal Batti” 

Vim – “KFC” 

Nicole – “Yorkshire Puddings” 

Terri – “BBQ Hula Hoops” 

Kiran – “Spag Bol made by my mother!” 

Sam – “Steak (only at steak out) & chicken chow mein” 

Question 10: Where is somewhere you haven't been before that you would love to visit? 

Pradip – “Bhutan, Mauritius, Florida” 

Vim – “Bora Bora” 

Nicole – “New Orleans/South Africa/Rio” 

Terri – “Iceland/Jerusalem” 

Kiran – “Thailand” 

Sam – “Hawaii” 

Next are some Questions about the online business for Pradip and Vim.

Question 1: What major changes have you seen in the last 5 years in the jewellery industry?

Pradip – “1) Customers trust internet for higher value purchase 2) Personalisation 3) Brands & suppliers going direct to consumer”

Vim – “The style/Fashion changes very soon”

Question 2: How has brexit affected your business? (2 x good points and 2 x bad points)

Pradip – “As an immediate impact: 1) With Sterling Pound falling against international currencies, the cost of products have gone up 2) Uncertainty has resulted in reduced spending by customers. In the long-term I hope the inherent strength in the economy will help oversee this.”

Vim – “Trade price increasing, Competitive economy”

Question 3: Is baselworld worth going to, and if so, what are the benefits to WatchO?

Pradip – “Yes, definitely worth going. We see new and upcoming products. Also, opportunity to purchase products from unique brands and limited edition products”

Vim – “Seeing new products and meeting all the brands under one roof”

Question 4: Amazon, a marketplace that others are trying to get into. What do you have to say when our focus is completely off Amazon. we may be one of few companies in the UK who solely focuses on Website only. Is this challenging?

Pradip – “It is challenging in the short term but rewarding in the long term. Focussing on our own platform allows us to create custom value propositions for our customers, something that is not available via Amazon. Free personalisation on pocket watches is one of the examples.”

Vim – “We can look at it in two ways, thinking positively we are focusing on our website and bringing the footfall to our website. Why pay amazon the fees when we can invest in our own which is there to stay long term. On the other side sales have dropped tremendously on amazon with so many players discounting and selling items near enough to cost price.”

Question 5: The fashion market has been in the decline in recent years. As an independent, do you believe we have scope to overcome this? What are your thoughts?

Pradip – “As per GFK and equivalent data, there has been a substantial shift in products under £500. This does not have to be a permanent lost sale. Focusing on customers, creating products that have features that they currently expect, example Fitness features and ensuring that the product helps the customer can regenerate this segment.”

Vim – “Personally I don’t believe in fashion I prefer Classic and Timeless pieces. Fashion is not permanent, but we can reap the benefits whilst it last”

Question 6: What do you think of competition and how does it affect you?

Pradip – “Competition to a certain extent is good, it drives you to always be at your best.”

Vim – “Competition is healthy but as long as there is a fair playing field.”

Thank you for reading, we hope you now feel as close to WatchO's makers as we feel! Find out a little bit more about the team on our Meet The Team page!