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Stay Connected with the GUESS Connect Bluetooth Smartwatch | WatchO

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GUESS Connect Bluetooth Smartwatch | WatchO

GUESS Connect Bluetooth Smartwatches - what can I say about these beautiful watches (yeah there is a lot, these watches are amazing). Powered by Martian, the GUESS smartwatch offers voice command technology with access to thousands of Amazon Alexa skills - so you can say "this is where fashion meets lifestyle functionality". 

The GUESS Connect collection vary in colour - from black, blue, sky blue and white. Straps range from silicone to leather straps. The watches are splash resistant and work with iOS and Android. The GUESS Connect App (available on Google Play and App Store) and allows you to pair your watch with your phone via Bluetooth - once connected, you'll be able to customise your time zone, location and all smartwatch settings.

The app will allow you to select the apps you'd like to receive alerts from and customise the vibration each app delivers to your wrist - so you'll know if you've received an email, text or social media alert without even a glance. Also, to see recent notification simply tap the glass and you will see all your recent messages, emails, and social media updates and any other alerts you may have missed.

Receive and send texts, answer or place calls, ask for directions - all these things can be done via your smartwatch. Notifications from emails, social media alerts, caller ID and texts are available. Set a custom vibration, lights and scrolling readout for each notifications via the GUESS Connect App. 

Once your phone vibrates or flashes, tap the glass & notifications will appear. So, if Beyoncé likes your Instagram picture, if your mom texted you "School called. You're in trouble!" or if you received an email about a online order, you will see it. 

GUESS Connect Bluetooth Smartwatch | WatchO

Scenario 1: Ryan gets a text from his girlfriend saying "Hey, don't forget we're going to Frankie & Benny's at 6" 

Ryan's watch will vibrate and a flashing blue light will appear - pressing the command button and saying "Read Text" will allow him to read the message. Ryan must then simply press the command button and say "Reply" his watch will then prompt him to speak, and he'll say "Yeah okay, no worries. I'll be there. And oh 6 huh okay I'll get there for 7" (He knows she'll be late).

Controlling music has never been easier with the smartwatch, change a tune via the smartwatch voice command.

Scenario 2: Aaron is at the gym (he's getting ready for his Ibiza holiday), he's listening to JAY Z "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" to get him pumped up for his workout and all of a sudden Vanessa Carlton "A Thousand Miles" comes on. 

To change the song, Aaron needs to press the command button and say "Play Kanye West - Stronger". The watch will then initiate the phone to play the audio. Aaron's phone will play any music that is stored or playable by your device. 

For all the executive, managers and bosses - GUESS Connect allows you to set an appointment and reminder just in case you're a forgetful one.

Scenario 3: Kiran needs to set an appointment with Mr Fisk to discuss the years stats numbers.

To set an appointment, Kiran needs to press the command button and say "Set Appointment - Thursday, 2:30, 25th, meeting Mr Fisk". The watch will send the command to Kiran's phone and the appointment will be added to her phones calendar.

GUESS Connect Bluetooth Smartwatch | WatchO

Now here's the problem - Kiran gets forgetful sometimes, so she'll need a reminder. She must simply press the command button and say "Set Reminder, Thursday, 2:00, 25th, You have a meeting in 30 minutes". The watch will send the command to the reminder feature on the GUESS Connect App. 

Fast Forward - it's Thursday the 25th and it's 2:00 PM. Kiran will receive a reminder alert in the form of a flashing light or vibration. To acknowledge the reminder, she must simply press the command button or read the full message as it scrolls across the screen.

The GUESS Connect also allows you to take pictures via the watch with the push of a button. Press the menu button continuously until you see "Camera Mode" on the screen, if you press the command button "Activated" will appear - this means the Camera mode is activated. You will then see a white light flash - this indicates that the watch and the camera are in sync, each press of the command button will take a photo and a long press will activated the three-second countdown timer.

Never leave your phone behind with the "Find Phone" feature. If you happened to have lost your phone, press the bottom menu button continuously until you see "Find Phone" on the screen and press the command button.  You will then hear a distinctive tone allowing you to locate your phone. Please be aware that you must activated the "Find Phone" feature via the GUESS Connect App.

GUESS Connect Bluetooth Smartwatch | WatchO

Overall, GUESS did an amazing job with the GUESS Connect - a watch that stays true to GUESS fashion yet manages to be technologically advanced. An elegant design followed by great functionality. The collection also gives you variety - leather to silicone straps, crystal decorated bezels and different colours.   

Ladies and Gents, here it is - the amazing, outstanding, exceptional GUESS Connect Bluetooth Smartwatch.

Available HERE from £229 to £259. Get yours NOW!



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