Edifice Buying Guide

Buying an Edifice guide

Finding ‘the one’ that’s right for you or a loved one from such a diverse and well refined range of men’s dress watches can be tricky as well as time consuming. To help you with this and we put together this straightforward classification guide for choosing Edifice men’s watches:


Bluetooth Edifice

Introducing the new Bluetooth Edifice that literally delivers speed and intelligence through a stylish and functional packed watch that wirelessly links with your Bluetooth enabled smart device giving you full control over the watch through the phone. The link is a two-way connection that can also enable the watch to locate your misplaced phone through its Phone Finder feature, synchronise time settings for automatic time adjustment, allow the use of a secondary time zone on a sub-dial programmable to a list of cities on the world map and allows easy setting of the watches alarms and timers.

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Bluetooth Watches That Connect To Phone:


Scuderia Toro Rosso Edifice

Usually released in limited quantities, these watches are built to F1 standards, and are worn by the drivers themselves. A new Formula One season is always an exciting time for Casio as they prepare new designs with upgraded technologies for the season release.

Toro Rosso Edifice:


Radio Controlled Edifice

Radio controlled watches are a great gift for the perfectionist. The watch will periodically synchronise with the atomic time signal, allowing it to show precise local time, all the time. The signal tower relays this time to your watch from a standard scientist’s clock which is correct to 1 second in a million years so it is safe to say that your watch will always be the most accurate way to tell the time. This feature can be used in UK as well as in Germany, the USA, Japan and China.

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Solar Powered Edifice

This original Tough Solar Edifice watches are equipped solar cells, which transforms light from sources such as fluorescent lamps and natural light into energy sufficient enough to effectively and efficiently provide indefinite stable operation of various high-load functions. In addition to this efficient solar power system, Edifice watches are fitted with a high-storage capacity rechargeable battery. If you’re looking to eliminate the chances of completely missing a meeting or showing up late to an important event due to the fact that your watch battery died, then consider getting an Edifice solar powered watch!

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Dual Time / World Time Edifice

A collection of practical watches that is ideal for travellers and professionals. Perhaps your job requires you to travel abroad to a particular country on a regular basis or all around the world for that matter - With the dual time zone option, there is a separate dial that you can set up for another country enabling you to view both your local time and that of your destination. Another option is the world time feature. Simply set the location and the watch will do the rest.


Edifice Chronograph

For men that prefer a reliable, visually impressive dress watch that is straightforward to set up and can be done so in a matter of seconds without having to spend time reading through a hefty instruction manual. The basic Edifice delivers uniqueness, precision and simplicity by having understood the need for intelligent designs and attention-to-detail focused craftsmanship with a reliable and precise movement.


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