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World Time and Radio Controlled G-Shock Aviator 


How do I use world-time feature on a G-Shock Aviator?
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Using the ‘World Time’ function is simple.

  • To set it, cycle through the settings using the ‘Mode Button (D)’ until the small dial points at ‘WT (World Time)’, then using the ‘Search Button (E)’ cycle through the time-zone codes until you find the one right for you.
  • When done, use the ‘Mode Button (D)’ to go back to ‘Home Time’.
  • Some Aviator G-Shocks have dual time displays, which allows the use of a secondary time-zone to be displayed on the face alongside the home time-zone.
  • To set the ‘World Time’ function on this one, press the ‘Mode Button (D)’ until the small dial points to ‘WT’ or the digital display says ‘WT’ or ‘World Time’, then hold the ‘Adjust Button (A)’ for about 5 seconds until the display flashes and the time-zone code appears (Some watches require only pressing the Search Button (E) and do not require holding Adjust (A)).
  • Using the ‘Search Button (E)’, press it to cycle through the list of time-zones to get the one that is right for you, an example would be ‘LON’ for London or ‘NYC’ for New York City.
  • Once you have chosen the correct time zone, press the Adjust button one last time to lock it in, and the watch will resume back to its regular world-time keeping mode.
  • Remember, the ‘Home Time’ keeping mode and ‘World Time’ keeping mode can be differentiated by observing the digital display for the day of the week, if it shows a time-zone rather than the day, it is ‘World Time’, and if it displays a date in place of the time-zone, it is ‘Home Time’.


How do I use Radio-control while I am travelling abroad?
Using the radio controlled features abroad is as simple as when you were home! Like setting ‘World Time’ as mentioned before, this requires you to adjust the time-zone of the ‘Home-Time’ setting. The time will self-adjust once the new time-zone has been set on the ‘Home Time’ setting, and can be done in a few simple steps.
  • Firstly, make sure your watch is on the ‘Home Time’ setting by using the ‘Mode Button (D)’ until the small dial on the face points to ‘TIME’ or the digital display shows the ‘DAY’.
  • When you are on the right setting, hold the ‘Adjust Button (A)’ for about 5 seconds until the watch beeps and the display changes to show the time-zone.
  • To change your location, simply navigate the extensive list of covered time-zones using the ‘Search Button (E)’ until your relevant time zone is selected, then simply press the ‘Adjust Button (A)’ again to lock it in.
  • This should prompt the hands to set themselves at which point they will move on their own to the correct time.
Radio controlled watches are useful, as they are far more accurate and convenient to regular manual watches, and offer far better results over a wider range in terms of time keeping abroad.


How do I use radio control in the initial set-up of the watch?
Using the radio controlled features for the first time can seem daunting, but it is rather simple as they work themselves! Using the radio controlled features basically means utilizing the features of the watch which themselves use radio bands to work. World Time and Home Time functions on the aviator series both use MultiBand 6, a Casio trademark which represents their six main radio towers across the world (UK, Germany, North America, Japan, China and Middle East’ which triangulate according to your position to accurately keep time in either World Time or Home Time features. Once you have set the watch to your relevant specifications, the watch will recalibrate during off peak hours (between 00:00 and 05:00) to make sure time is accurate.
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