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Polar M430: Chase your destiny

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Polar M430

Polar has recently decided to bless the world with one of their greatest creations, the Polar M430. Let me describe it to you: a rounded-rectangular case, physical side buttons and a smooth silicone strap. This piece is the upgraded version of the Polar M400, it features a longer battery life, improved accelerometer and the inclusion of Polar's own optical heart-rate monitor. 

The M430 is made for running and training purpose, it's lightweight strap, vibration alerts and waterproof design is perfect for someone in sports. Although this watch was crafted to serve your training individual, it is still suitable for everyday use: going to work, playing football with the kids, cooking food and going out with friends for a drink. The M430 is in many ways an all-purpose watch, its ability to not only serve the training and running individual is amazing. It's well suited for your everyday sales assistant, IT consultant, engineer and artist.

What can I say about the Polar M430, hmm?

This smartwatch features a rectangular shaped case, very similar to most Polar pieces. You have two left-side buttons for navigating and screen back-light and three right-side buttons for selections on the display and scrolling up and down. Smartwatches don't normally feature a lot physical buttons on the watch, they are usually on the touchscreen. As this is watch is more for training and running, the use of physical buttons is much better as it's easy to use and more accurate. 

The Polar M430 as a clear 128x120 pixel screen with a back-light that's activated with the press of a button. The screen is used to show the time and date as well as all the watches amazing features. Here is a few features available on the watch: wrist-based heart rate, notifications, GPS, sport profile, running index (and program), daily activity goal and sleep analysis.

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The M430's has an incredibly soft silicone strap in white, black and orange. The band has three lines of perforations to allow air between your wrist and the watch; both the strap and case are much lighter then the its predecessor, M400. With a built-in GPS and optical heart-rate monitor, the M4300 acts as a super accurate time piece that can tell you your heart rate (amazing right!).

Polar Flow is an app/system that is made to help you track your daily activity, analyse your progress and connect you with the Polar community. Polar Flow is available on Google Play, the App Store and online.

What do you think of the M4300?

Overall, the Polar M430 is an amazing piece: light case, smooth strap and easily pressable buttons. At first glance, the watch does appears to only be for people that run or train but when you look into the design of watch and its features, you can tell it can serve more people. An office worker that wants to measure how much he walks everyday. An delivery man who wants to monitor his heart-rate. All the features available on the M4300 are suitable for the everyday person.

In regards to your running and training individuals, you will really like the M430 the its weight on the wrist is just right, the strap feel amazing on the skins. The 3 strips on the straps is a great touch as it'll let air come between your wrist and the watch. You'll also love the physical buttons as they'll be easier to operate while you run as oppose to touchscreen buttons.

All our Polar M430 are available now, use "WIN10" for 10% off!


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