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Upgrade Your Watch To Contactless Payment | WatchO.co.uk

Pay with your watch: The Kronaby contactless leather strap allows for fast and secure payment for purchases up to £30. A contactless chip is placed inside the leather strap. Keep a look out for the contactless symbol and simply tap and pay. bPay by Barclaycard: Payment functionality is provided by Barclaycard. Make purchases up to £30, wherever you see the contactless symbol. Works with [...]

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WatchO Visits Basel World 2018 | WatchO.co.uk

Here at WatchO selling watches keeps us pretty busy, but of course when we heard about the Basel World 2018 Event we most definitely had to come. Known for highlighting the best upcoming watches, we came across some of the best models ever seen. 1. Casio G-SHOCK Rangeman Watch GPR-B1000-1ER Casio's new Bluetooth Rangeman is phenomenal. GPS, Bluetooth, [...]

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NEW WATCH | The new black G-SHOCK Mudmaster model is available | WatchO.co.uk

Now I know a lot of you may be thinking "Wait a minute, I've seen this watch before?" Yes, you have! Newly released by Casio G-SHOCK Europe, the Mudmaster GWG-1000-1A1ER is the black version of the popular 1A3ER.The face features a charcoal dial, white and gray markers as well as Casio G-SHOCK logo. The cities on the [...]

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Swatch Swiss-Made Watches | WatchO.co.uk

Swatch is a Swiss watch brand created by The Swatch Group founder Nicolas Hayek. The signature Swatch style was birthed during the 70/80s during the quartz crisis – Japanese digital watches began to surpass the traditional European-made mechanical watches. Swatch aimed to bring-back casual, fun and bright designed watches, this was a side of the [...]

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Victorinox I.N.O.X Carbon Limited Edition Watch | WatchO.co.uk

The new  Victorinox I.N.O.X Carbon watch is unique in its own way. The watch is 5 times more resistant than steel and 50% lighter, camouflage (khaki) inspired dial with military time printed in red. Pulled from the NASA dress, the orange strap featured talks about safety, thereby preventing from danger. Made of multiple strands of [...]

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Mother's Day | WatchO.co.uk

Mother’s Day can be for anyone, a Mother, relative, or a family friend. They give up a lot for us. They give up their sleep, years of peace and quiet, and they are always there for you when you fall ill. Certainly, the best ways to honour mum’s is by appreciating the time they have given us. What I would [...]

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Casio G-SHOCK GBA-800 Series: Support for Health-conscious Lifestyles | WatchO.co.uk

G-SHOCK GBA-800 Series | Step Tracker + Bluetooth Connectivity The new G-SHOCK GBA-800 series has arrived! The series has 3 stylish watches that are perfect for fitness and casual wear. The watches features 3-Axis Acceleration Sensor, a feature that calculates the number if steps you take and Bluetooth. So you can pair up your watch with the [...]

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Seiko Prospex "The Black Series" - Limited Edition 2018 | WatchO.co.uk

The New Seiko Prospex "Black Series" - Limited Edition 2018 The year has just started and already Seiko have released what could possibly be the best release of 2018. Two stand-out all black diver's watches from the Prospex collection that form the Seiko "Black Series". Just a week before its release on our website, we received none-stop [...]

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2017 with WatchO: What A Year! | WatchO.co.uk

Welcome Back! Happy New Year everyone! I hope you’ve had a great time over the holidays. As we enter the New Year, I feel it's important to take you guys through the amazing year we had. Let's have a look at our adventurous 2017. Valentine's Day Campaign: 7 Valentine's Gifts We kicked off the year with our “7 [...]

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Louis Erard - Swiss Mechanical Watches | WatchO.co.uk

Louis Erard is a premium Swiss watch brand founded in 1929 by Louis Erard. With the help of a few craftsmen, he was able to produce the first Louis Erard watch in 1931. Once his love for timepieces grew, he decided to expand the business and begin producing watches that'll have an impact on the watch [...]

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