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Garmin's NEW MARQ collection!



The Brand-NEW Garmin MARQ collection is full of wonders. It has the most extraordinary features to showcase for each individual watch and combined they will do far more than impress you! This collection includes 5 different MARQ watches by the name of Athlete, Expedition, Captain, Aviator and Driver. These watches bring so much more than you could imagine, to take you on your journey. In my own opinion, these watches bring something completely new to the table that I myself have never seen before. Below I have outlined the most prominent features which make each of these watches unique.

MARQ Athlete is tuned to separate you from your opponents. No other luxury modern tool watch with smart features, shows recovery time and VO2 max scales on the bezel. When travel takes you far from home, integrated maps and popularity routing focuses on the best local running and cycling routes. To fine-tune your form, advanced running dynamics and biometrics provide the data you need. Score style and comfort with an ultralight titanium case and a high-performance strap. Get ahead of the game with a race predictor that projects how fast you’ll run your next event and take the opportunity to enjoy the modern conveniences of the latest connected features.

MARQ Expedition compels you to push further. No other watch puts smart features, topographic maps and real time ascent date right at the wrist. Should adventure take you to higher altitudes, a Pulse Ox sensor monitors your blood oxygen saturation levels. Stay true to your path with built-in ABC navigation sensors and an etched 360-degree compass bezel. An Italian vacchetta leather strap has an articulated design, ensuring an exceptional fit as you go to extremes. The finer details, such as the wide-gauge signature “X” stitch, reveal character and durability. An altimeter scale on the watch face, depicts the summits achieved and the valleys crossed, while a barometer with trend line warns of coming weather that stands in the way.

MARQ Captain is the watch with advanced nautical and smart features that you will not find in a traditional timepiece. A revolutionary regatta timer enhanced with GPS technology, pinpoints the start like never before. Tack assist and a man overboard button is designed for those who live life at the helm. It also sports details, such as a navy ceramic bezel and a jacquard-weave strap made by artisans in the south of France. The watch face displays current weather conditions, including, wind speed, temperature and tide information.

MARQ Aviator is here to champion your spirit of flight in every way. Smart features, the worldwide aeronautical database and Direct-to emergency navigation make it so you are guided wherever life leads, while detailed NEXRAD weather radar and Garmin avionics integration ensure you’re always in the pilot’s seat. A polished 24-hour GMT bezel and two additional time zones record your extensive travels. With each take-off, it shows where you’re headed. This watch is also equipped with an emergency access button hot key which quickly activates a path to the nearest airport.

MARQ Driver accelerates that passion for racing. It is a unique watch with smart features and more than 250 preloaded global racetracks. Auto lap splits and live delta time show your hard-charging, unrelenting pace – while a tachymeter bezel demonstrates your devotion to speed. Add to that an unparalleled diamond-like carbon coating with ceramic bezel inlay, and you have the first instrument crafted for the one who always resides in the pole position. Even select a world-famous racetrack to be displayed on the watch face.



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We're FINALISTS for Retailer of the Year at Retail Jewellers, UK Jewellery Awards 2019.

We are proud to announce our place as a finalist among four other retailers, for the Watch Retailer of the Year at Retail Jewellers, UK Jewellery Awards 2019. We are super excited to be part of this event and thank everyone for their ongoing support in allowing this to be possible. We are thrilled to [...]

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Meet WatchO's Makers!

For WatchO’s next blog, we have decided to give you a little bit of an insight into the people who made this company what it is today. Meet our managers, Pradip and Vim. Read on as I ask them questions that my colleagues and I have gathered about their personal lives and their views on [...]

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Smart Watches VS. Analogue Watches

Here we have it, the ultimate divide between watch nerds, the smart watch versus the analogue watch. Both watches have great features and equally deserve to be in this battle as much as the other. Today we break down the pros and cons of each simple aspect that these watches possess, which persuade their followers [...]

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Seiko Prospex Street Series - a timepiece with attitude.

A timepiece with attitude. Inspired by the original 1975 Seiko Professional Diver’s watch, the first in the world with a titanium case, these designs are definitely timeless. These new Prospex, Street Series, feature the same iconic outer protector, in a more compact design. The fresh features, tailor exactly to the type of audience Seiko are [...]

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Introducing The Elliot Brown Holton Watch

Introducing, the suave NEW Elliot Brown Holton Watch – the first Military issued watch from a British company in over 10 years! It was in Poole, UK, that this robust vision was designed. Its creation transpired in response to a request from a specialist branch of the military who requested a fit-for-purpose professional watch tough [...]

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The making of Seiko’s Presage Urushi Byakudan-Nuri Limited Edition Watch.

Urushi is a Japanese traditional natural lacquer and it is a natural sap collected from the Urushi tree. In this case, a jet-black lacquer is painted by hand onto the metal base of the dial, dried and then polished. These processes are repeated several times until the craftsman has achieved the exact depth of black [...]

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A look into the glorious features of Garmin Instinct.

Garmin Instinct are a collection of reliable outdoor GPS watches, that are built to the U.S. Military standard 810G for thermal, shock and 100 metres water resistance. It sports a fibre-reinforced polymer case that adds strength and durability and has a chemically-strengthened, scratch-resistant display that is high contrast enough to read in bright sunlight! This advantageous [...]

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WatchO Christmas Advert 2018: Celebrating the delight that watches bring to the world

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and we are very proud to present our 2018 Christmas advert to the world. Showing everyone, the happy and exciting ambience that WatchO enjoy bringing out in their customers. Over a month of preparation, we have worked together with a talented local studio to produce a creative which [...]

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