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New Brand: Raymond Weil is here!

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Raymond Weil Watches

It's Official! We stock Raymond Weil Watches!

Raymond Weil is a Swiss independent family-owned company that offers premium luxury watches. Each watch is crafted with the combination of the brands’ two great loves; precision and music. These two elements work together in perfect harmony to present us with some of the most amazing men and women’s watches.

Today, Raymond Weil is the epitome of luxury watches; reliability, premium quality and a range that varies in price and style. By embracing tradition and the future, the brand has managed to consistently create exceptional watches. The consistent merge of tradition, class and technology is what has kept Raymond Weil on the radar of everyone looking for top of the line timepieces.

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What’s in the Raymond Weil collection?

The Raymond Weil collection oozes elegance and class. Most of the men’s stainless-steel watches feature a classic minimalistic gradient dial with a date window and gold/silver hour marks. All the models feature in the collection mirror fine Swiss watchmaking.

Raymond Weil Men's

The men's collection also has a few models that differ from traditional Raymond Weil watches but manages to maintain that essence. The Tango watches have a much thicker bezel as it has minute numerals. The Toccata watches have diamond markers and the Freelancer has a skeleton window. These are all different from most Raymond Weil models, but somehow they manage to maintain that sophisticated and chic foundation seen throughout the collection.

RaymondWeil Watches

Raymond Weil Ladies

Raymond Weil's ladies’ watches are delicate and look amazingly elegant on the wrist, once matched with the correct jewellery or handbag, the sophistication of the watch becomes more evident. The collection consists of stainless-steel cases and bracelets, Roman numerals (some with diamond markers) and date windows. The NoemiaToccata and Tango models are all two-toned, and feature a Mother of Pearl dial. The Raymond Weil Shine Edition piece is also two-toned and it features an interchangeable strap. All these models are guaranteed to add a touch of glam to your outfit, they’ll compliment what you wear while not completely taking all the shine.

Raymond Weil Watches

What do YOU think of the Raymond Weil collection?

When I hear "Raymond Weil" the words style and elegance come to mind, and after looking at their collection it fits that description to the T. Raymond Weil ensures all its watches carries the essence of fine Swiss watchmaking, modern technology and chic designs. The style and quality of the watches totally warrant their price. If you purchase a Raymond Weil watch you are guaranteed to have high class piece that will stand out while also blending well with what you wear.

All our Raymond Weil Watches are Available Now


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