Citizen Radio Controlled Caliber E650

How to set up your Citizen Eco-Drive radio controlled watch:



My watch is set to the wrong city, how can I change it?
  • Pull the crown out to the first click
  • Rotate the crown to select the desired city by slowly rotating the crown.
  • Once the correct city is selected, gently push the crown back in and the watch will resume with the selected cities time.


The time is wrong, how can I get the watch to update?
  • Pull out the crown and press and hold the button closest to the 4 0'clock position for 2-3 seconds.
  • Once you hear the tone, the watch is in manual receiving mode, place it face up by a south facing window with the 6 o'clock position pointing out of the window.
  • Leave it for a couple of hours and the watch should receive a new signal.
For manually resetting the time, please see the full manual linked below.


How do I set the alarm?
  • Pull the crown out to the first click and rotate it til the mode hand points to "ALM".
  • Pull the crown out to the second click and rotate until the desired alarm time is selected, noting the AM/PM time in the 10 o'clock sub-dial.
  • Press and release the button nearest the 2 o'clock position to set the alarm ON or OFF as shown by the second hand.
  • Once the desire setting is complete, push the crown into the first click and rotate to select the required city, then return the crown to the original position for the time function to resume.


The second hand is jumping a few seconds at a time, what's wrong?
  • This is the watches low power mode warning.
  • Once this starts, the watch will run out in approximately 3 days.
  • To recharge the watch, any strong light source is enough to charge it, but leaving it in direct sunlight (whether cloudy or not) for 2-3 hours is best.
For more information on recharging and power modes, please refer to the manual linked below.


Learn more:
Citizen watches are divided by caliber, please click the link for the full instruction manual for Citizen Cailber E650.
  • For Caliber E650 click here

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