How to Spot A Fake Or Grey Market Casio Watch In UK

With the popularity of Casio watches, anti-social elements have found an easy and quick way of making money by selling fake or grey-market Casio watches to un-suspecting people in the UK. Here are two quick checks to make and be alert on to ensure you get an official UK product and not a grey market Casio Watch: 

Why Not Buy Grey-Market Watch:

  • Grey market watches might not be "CE" certified, as is mandatory for goods sold in the UK & the European Union. This is important because "CE" confirmity includes conformance to safety requirements in day-to-day use of the watch.
  • Grey market watches might not be Nickel-safe.
  • Grey market watch will not be covered by guarantee in the UK, should you ever need to send it to Casio for service. 


Check # 1:

Casio Genuine CE Tag

Grey market Casio Watch: Grey market Casio watches usually do NOT have "CE" printed on the peel-away sticker on the reverse of the watch. 

Original Casio Watch: Casio watches officially distributed in the UK and Europe either have a peel-away sticker with "CE" printed on it, or CE printed on the back of the watch. "CE" certification is mandatory for products sold in the EU.


Check # 2:

Grey market Casio Watch: Most grey market Casio watches come in a clear, see-through perspex box.

Original Casio Watch: Casio watches officially distributed in the Europe come in a cardboard box. Some models have tin box inside the cardboard box.


Bonus Check:

 Casio Tag EU Circled

Casio watches have an area code on the swing ticket of the watch. The watches sold in the UK usually have ER, EU and sometimes DI or DR code. There are couple of known exceptions though: MTG-G1000RS-2A is available in the UK as MTG-G1000RS-2AJF. G-100-1BV, G-200-2BV are also available in the UK ending with ES and UR.



 Buy original. Be original.


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