Bluetooth Connected

Bluetooth Connected

How to quickly setup your Bluetooth connected Edifice watch:





How do I connect my watch to my phone?
  • Download the Casio+ app from the App Store or Google Play. Open the app and follow the prompts to connect your watch.


How do I change the time without the app?
  • Unscrew the crown and pull out to the second click. Rotate the crown in the desired direction to change the time.


How do I set/disable Airplane mode?
  • Press and hold the button nearest the 10 o'clock position for 4-5 seconds to set or disable Airplane mode. The mode hand will swing round to the Airplane mode indicator before returning to its normal position.


I haven't worn my watch in a week and now it's not working, what's wrong with it?
  • If left in the dark for 6-8 hours, the watch will enter low power mode 1, this can be exited by pressing any button. If left several days, the watch will enter low power mode 2, and you'll need to leave the watch in light to charge for a few hours for all funcionality to be restored


Learn more:
For advanced setup, instructions, and manual, please download the PDF for your watch below.
  • For EQB-500D click here
  • For EQB-500RBB click here
  • For EQB-510D click here
  • For ECB-500D click here
  • For EQB-500DB click here
  • For EQB-600D click here
  • For EQB-501TRC click here
  • For EQB-501XDB click here
  • For EQB-501XD click here
  • For EQB-800 click here

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