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Since the release of Police’s Batman vs. Superman Watch – sponsor of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, all eyes have been on the officers of the watch market, Police. The brands ability to craft these unique pieces that are up to par with today’s style of watches yet distinctive is incredible. 

"You have the right to remain silent ... and buy a Police watch"

The Police collection features a range of brown/black leather strap watches, stainless-steel and rubber strap watches which all feature a stainless-steel case. A recurring theme in the range is the distinctive dial design. 

The range has watches with skull dials and sub/chronograph dials. All very different to your regular popular watch designs. Police have gone against the grain with this collection. They have managed to craft some fantastic pieces; a new style of watches that will be synonymous with the Police brand.

"Dear Officer, here is my review on your wonderful service (watches)"

The leather strap of the watches feels comforting on the skin and hugs the wrist well. Unlike handcuffs that really dig into your skin, these pieces rest on the wrist just right. The stainless-steel case has a good weight to it and its chunky size makes it easy to see and analyse all details on the dial.

Most models in the collection feature dual-time dial – you can set two different times on your watch. Also, all watches have a quartz movement – meaning they’re battery operated and most models feature a date display.

"Police! We are here to protect and serve … you with watches"

Calling all men, if you are after a manly watch that can set you apart from others. A watch that compliment your unique sense of fashion. Police is the watch you need.

Fellas, look no further. The best law enforcers in the world is here, Police!


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