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Kronaby is a Swedish watch brand that designs and creates smart, connected products. Kronaby create their timepiece with these two elements in mind - tradional watch design and current technology.

Kronaby is brand that focuses on making technology human. The features of the watch are carefully selected to keep us connected and not distracted. This means having techologically advanced timepiece that allow us to do a lot while not being completely absent from the real world.

Titled “Hybrid Bluetooth Smartwatches” Kronaby watches are a fusion of mechanical and smart watches - so it contains connected features while also having traditional watch mechanics.

The collection features three-different types of designs - stainless-steel, leather, and mesh strap models. All watches have a chronograph dial, and some feature sub-dials. At first instance, you may think that the watch looks like your typical analog watch, but no. It’s far from that.

All Kronaby watches feature Bluetooth connectivity, with the used of the “KRONABY” App available on the App Store & Google Play Store - you can connect your phone to your watch to set up: time, date, alarms and notifications.

Extra features include: Smart Filtered Notifications, Accept & Reject Calls, Additional Time Zones, Step Goal and Progress Monitoring, Camera & Music Remote and many more.

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Although watches are battery operated, they have an estimated 2-year battery life and they are changeable just like traditional watches. Also, Kronaby watches are 100 meters water resistant and are fitted with a premium sapphire crystal. Watches uses a double domed glass which makes for a much better protection from scratches thanks to the anti-reflective coating.

In April, Kronaby launched an advert "Connected. Not Discrated" starring Netflix's Naroc actor - Matias Varela.The advert showed the need for technology to adapt to our lives and support us, as opposed to the other way round. With Kronaby, it is possible to stay connected, without being too distracted.

What are your thoughts on Kronaby?

Kronaby truly differs from other brands - they aim to shift the focus on experiencing life and not letting technology distract you.

The technology of the watch is created to aid us and heighten certain experiences as oppose to take all our attention away from them. Kronaby's technology is centered around people - "Technology made human".

Kronaby’s ability to manufacture a watch that’s technologically up-to-date, while not being too distracting is highly commendable. If you after a traditional design watch, that’ll help make your life easier and not keep you distracted, Kronaby is the answer.

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