Mondaine are celebrating 75 years of classic design!

17th May 2019

The Official Swiss Railways Clock is one of the 20th centuries most iconic and lasting examples of modern Swiss-design and can be found on any Swiss train platform. It was created by Hans Hilfiker in 1944, which means as of 2019, it is now 75 YEARS OLD!

In 1986, the family-owned business of the Bernheim family – known as Mondaine, found a blueprint of the Official Swiss Railways Clock and managed to obtain the license. With this, they decided to minimise the design to wristwatch form and there, an icon was born. Mondaine is a simple, distinctive brand that is committed to accurate timekeeping.

To celebrate the iconic design’s 75th anniversary, Mondaine has created a special anniversary box containing the Mondaine classic in one of 2 size watches at either 30mm or 40mm. The box is decorated with a bold 75 and includes a specially commissioned history of the Official Swiss Railways Clock. As a special extra, the watch comes with an extra multi-coloured strap, featuring the three colours present in the watch itself – red, white and black. Even more exciting is that the extra strap is made from recycled PET bottles!

This is your chance to own one of the most recognisable watches on Swiss record!