Seiko Prospex Street Series - a timepiece with attitude.

18th Jan 2019

A timepiece with attitude. Inspired by the original 1975 Seiko Professional Diver’s watch, the first in the world with a titanium case, these designs are definitely timeless. These new Prospex, Street Series, feature the same iconic outer protector, in a more compact design. The fresh features, tailor exactly to the type of audience Seiko are looking for with their latest designs.

From first glance, the watches look like you could really test its limits, with a reinforced case that is lightweight yet robust. You could literally take this on any type of adventure and be assured that it will come to no harm. The strap is made from silicone and is styled like an accordion near the face, handy for when you need a bit of expansion on the wrist at great depths in the big blue.

The marvelous trio sports a three-dimensional bezel made of aluminium material to express a more edgy, yet manageable shape. The silicone strap is textured to feel just like the smooth touch of leather and it has a camo patterned dial, representing its unique playful style.

I think these watches are great for those who like a watch to lounge around in whilst also having the comfort of enjoying their favourite outdoor hobbies without worrying about damaging their stylish ‘going out’ watch. It’s made in 3 distinctive and bold colours that are the centre of attention with any outfit in any location. This intense watch is exactly what we’ve all been waiting for.