Smart Watches VS. Analogue Watches

Smart Watches VS. Analogue Watches

Posted by Nicole on 24th Jan 2019

Here we have it, the ultimate divide between watch nerds, the smart watch versus the analogue watch. Both watches have great features and equally deserve to be in this battle as much as the other. Today we break down the pros and cons of each simple aspect that these watches possess, which persuade their followers to one side.


Of the two, smart watches win the side of having more features to boast about and entice a neutral. Many of which, without the smart watch, we would need multiple different devices/objects for. To start off, most of them are Bluetooth capable, extending the capabilities of the wearer’s smartphone to their watch. This includes; being able to initiate and answer phone calls, as well as reading and sending emails and text messages. Additionally, you can listen to music through some of them, ask the digital assistant questions and get a weather report without finding out that it’s snowing through your auntie’s Facebook status.

On the other hand, you can get smart watches that can collect information about the wearer’s health, for example; heart rate monitoring, stress tracking, sleep tracking, steps, calories burned, and the list goes on! Some of them also have GPS capabilities, providing the wearer with walking/driving directions. We here at WatchO sell some notable smartwatches including brands like Garmin, Polar and Pebble.

Analogue Watches

Analogue watches are the oldest watches out there. They stand for simplicity and elegance and allow us to look our best selves whenever we wear them. Their defined beauty comes in many different varieties, more even, than what you can get of a smartwatch. What’s great about analogue watches is how they allow us to use properties of our brain and keep it functioning, rather than looking at a digital time and not even having to think about it – a feature that us lazy people secretly prefer.

What’s more, these watches are history. Their design is universal because it models after early timekeeper attempts to mark time by following the path of the sun across the sky. But not only for this reason. These watches also grounded design by aligning the 12-hour mark at the top of the watch face, being something that every watch since has adhered to.

Overall, I think that my personal favourite would have to be analogue. Analogue watches are designed to be wearable art, they are quite literally timeless. I don’t think you can really beat a classic looking watch, as they’re truly stunning. A smartwatch has some brilliant fighting features, but they will eventually date and become obsolete, just like most of our favourite tech gadgets. Not only that, but Analogue watches aren’t necessarily battery dependant, so you don’t need to worry about it running out of battery on a lengthy trip. All of this being said, I do fancy myself a Kronaby watch which is a hybrid of both analogue and smart watches, who says we can’t get the best of both worlds?