The Birth Of An Edifice

Birth of an Edifice

As expected from a renowned watch manufacturer such as Casio, that developed the revolutionary “G Shock” concept, if a new range of watches was to be released, the name given to it would succinctly describe it. It would do it justice by giving it a name based on its functionality, its aesthetic look and performance whilst also clearly presenting its future development potential.


After successfully designing the indestructible G Shock as men’s ideal choice when pushing both their physical and mental boundaries, exploring extreme environments from tropical regions to sub-zero arctic regions, it was time for Casio to bring out a timepiece suitable for a more formal, business orientated individual, with a sense of fashion, whether having a stylish extravagant or subtle approach.


By choosing to name an entire watch range “Edifice” Casio made a very convincing statement as far as describing these watches for their imposing yet highly fashionable looks whilst complementing the technological features they’re equipped with. Edifice is a presentation timekeeping tool which the wearer relies upon.
At the core of this new range is a reliable quart’s movement, either battery powered or relying entirely on light power thus never having to worry about replacing the battery.


Having an analogue or digital display or a mixture of the two with additional aesthetic touches inspired by various elements of the motor sports industries, due to the collaboration with Formula 1’s Red Bull team Whether it’s their ability to deliver outstanding chronographic accuracy ensured by radio controlled technology, or high tech stopwatches with a counting precision of up to 1/1000 of a second, to multiple alarms, mineral or premium sapphire crystal glasses with anti-reflexive coating, to extravagant tachymeters, and power reserve indicators.


Their complexity and multitude of features demand that they are water resistant as well, which ranges from 100 to 200 metres. Recently the Edifice models were given a Bluetooth function that enables them to connect to smartphones therefore simplifying the process of utilizing the complex features of watches, and also allowing them to tap into the vast potential of the internet, to accurately keep track of time anywhere in the world.


Looking forward to seeing what new Edifice models will be like and the feature they will be equipped with. Up to this point Casio successfully continued its constant evolutionary trajectory it has accustomed us to.

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