Seiko Launches Brian May "Red Special" Limited Edition Watch

Posted by Nicole on 1st May 2020

Brian May is an English musician, singer, songwriter and astrophysicist. The iconic lead guitarist of the rock band Queen. Throughout his long musical career, he has relied on his “red special” guitar to create the sound that helped make Queen one of the most admired and celebrated rock bands.

Now, we know you know the legendary Brian May and we know you know (my personal favourite) watch brand Seiko. But, did you know they know each other? For more than 40 years, Brian has worn a Seiko diver’s watch.

The design of this gorgeous new Limited-Edition watch, features a delicate wood-like pattern, inspired by the “Red Special” guitar as well as the red and black colour scheme. The guitar was made completely by hand – by Brian himself – where he carved the neck from the wood of a 100-year-old fireplace. The body was made from block board with an ancient oak insert, then covered with a mahogany veneer. Pivoting on a knife edge, the innovative Tremolo system, featured a hand-carved mild steel rocker plate, with the pull of the strings balanced by motorcycle valve springs. Finally, the Tremolo arm was improvised from part of a bicycle saddlebag holder, capped with a piece of a sturdy knitting needle.

It's not only the idea of repurposing materials to be made into something great, it’s the small creative idea – turned to reality, that makes me proud to be writing this blog. For that once – small idea – to be turned into a reality that then inspired another magnificent design that is pleasing to the eye, an inspiring story to the mind and useful for everyday life.

Other notable features to the SRPE83K1 that make it more than worth the buy, include the special markings on the case back. Firstly, and most importantly, you get Brian’s signature in gold writing across the see-through case-back. Secondly, you get the words ‘Limited Edition’ also in gold, and thirdly, the serial number between 0001/9000-9000/9000.

All of this is packed comfortably in a special guitar case looking presentation box that – to everyone’s delight – contains a commemorative coin that is based on the sixpenny piece that Brian May has used throughout his career as a plectrum.

This Seiko 5 watch is by far my favourite Limited-Edition watch to date. I think it has so much potential to share inspiration to the young and the old and is undeniably appealing as a fashion piece. The colours are wearable colours that would go with almost everything and the collaboration breathes fan favourite to Seiko’s general audience which are around the same age as the most dedicated Brian May fans.

Luminox have three signature series: Sea, Air and Land. 4 Sea models and 2 Land models are to make their appearance in January 2020, whilst the 2 Air models won’t be released until August 2020.