How To Spot A Fake Watch

Many of us like to undergo bargain hunts and try to find our treasured gifts. Unfortunately, some of us , at one point, will be tricked and be sold counterfeit goods. But not to worry, we won’t leave you out in the cold. Here are a few ways to spot a fake watch.




Mistakes hidden in plain sight.

Genuine watches are well-crafted and carefully engineered. The designer intended for each moving part to work perfectly together. What happens when a watch is being replicated, it loses its soul, its magic. It loses what makes it tick (no pun intended). When a watch is a fake the level of craftsmanship drops dramatically, so there’s bound to be some noticeable errors.

Font – Most replica watches fail to get the font right, you’ll get some fonts that are bolder, and look slightly smudged in comparison to the genuine watches.
Spelling – Carefully look at any writing on the watch; the dial, the side, the case and the packaging. If any of the words are misspelt the watch is a fake. “Listen mate, I wanted a G-Shock Gulfmaster watch, not a Golfmaster! I wanted Quad Sensor, not Squad Sensor!”
Quality – Quality is at a high priority for any watchmakers. So, if the watch has any scratches, misspelled words or peeling paint it’s a strong indicator that the watch is a fake. Also, ticking in a high-quality designer watch shouldn’t be as the watch is built with impeccably crafted moving parts


Do Some Digging.


The internet is the information superhighway, anything you want to know about anything, is on the internet. If you’re seeking for answers on whether your watch is fake or not, the internet will have it. Simply starts looking through online auctions (e.g. eBay) and see if you can get some information on the watch. These sites will have sold prices and images of the watch. Likewise, do some research on the brand and familiarize yourself with their watches: bracelet details, clasp and general brand trademarks.


Stamps – When figuring out whether a watch is fake or not, you must carefully analyse the stamp to familiarize yourself on where the stamp is usually located; clasp, face, or wristband.
Bracelet – If the bracelet links don’t move smoothly or stamps are missing from the clasp of the bracelet, it’s likely to be a fake. Also, designer watches have very strict quality standards, so the bracelet will look polished, it’ll feel heavy and move smoothly.



Face – Replica watches are usually made with mineral crystals whereas genuine watches use minerals sapphire. When turned on their side; if the glass has a green tint it is made in mineral crystal and is more likely to be a fake. If genuine, it will have a violet tint; this indicates that the glass is sapphire.






1. Buy a new watch - To avoid the risk of receiving a fake watch, buying a new one is the best option. Yes, it is the more expensive option but it’s still the better option. The watch will come with the original box, serial number and paperwork; all the things you need to ensure the watch is genuine.
2. See an Appraiser – An appraiser is a certified person that authenticates the value of an item/property. If you visit an appraiser, they’ll be able to tell you if the watch is genuine and reasons as to why. Also, they’ll be able to tell you if you’re getting a good deal or not.


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