Titanium Watches Pros And Cons








Why are titanium watches better?


Titanium watches are slightly different shade to stainless-steel , lighter in weight, and machined slightly differently to stainless steel as well. Titanium has become popular in recent years in the watch world due to its lightweight and high tensile properties. This allows for a less heavy watch, in comparison to the equivalent stainless-steel counterpart.

The most commonly used type of titanium is Ti-6Al-4V, better known as Grade 5. Typically used in aerospace, spacecraft, and missile applications, Grade 5 titanium is an extraordinarily resilient metal, less susceptible to adverse affects from heat, magnetism, and abrasion, making it perfect for watches.



Is titanium or stainless-steel better?


This is where personal opinion comes into play as well. The durability and low weight of titanium is inarguable, however you’ll never get the same sheen polish as you’d get from stainless-steel. Titanium is around 50% lighter than stainless steel, has a higher anti-magnetic resistance, and is more durable against impacts. Grade 5 titanium is a much duller metal than stainless-steel, yet this makes for truly interesting and highly desirable watches.



Is titanium scratch resistant?


In some ways, yes. Titanium is not inherently scratch proof, but the natural oxidisation of the alloy allows for smaller scratches to become less visible over time. A titanium watch will still pick up the occasional noticeable scratch, as is an unfortunate aspect of life. Thankfully scratches become much less visible, due to the nature of the metal itself.


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