Citizen Watch Features: A Brief Guide

Citizen Features

Citizen Watch Features: A Brief Guide To Eco-Drive, Atomic Timekeeping And Perpetual Calendar
As you browse Citizen watches, you will come across several features, some of which are unique to Citizen watch technology. Here is our guide to help understand these.
Citizen Eco-drive technology harnesses the power from any light source, whether it’s natural or artificial light the watch is exposed to. The technology will convert the light into energy; which is stored permanently in a rechargeable lithium-ion cell. Eco-drive timepieces break the cycle of having to have new batteries changed & fitted. With Eco-drive, as it runs on light, you will never need a battery! And you won’t have to worry about leaving it in the dark either, the technology stores enough energy to last for several months in the dark! And never having to change batteries means, thanks to Citizen, over 40 million batteries have been kept out of landfills.
Atomic Timekeeping:
“Atomic Timekeeping” delivers extreme precision to the watch. The precise time is transmitted via special radio towers to your watch. The watch automatically adjusts to this time.
Perpetual Calendar:
A Perpetual Calendar wristwatch is one that does not need resetting the day, especially on the 1stof the month; the technology does it automatically. Watches with a Perpetual Calendar movement “know” the date, sometimes the day, month and the year. A perpetual calendar watch will dutifully and accurately keep time and date even with our irregular months and leap years. Note: Watches may need daylight-savings adjustments set twice a year (if it’s necessary depending to where you live)

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