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How 'Radio Controlled' Works 

How Radio Controlled works


Travel in style with a selective Radio Controlled timepiece. The ultimate companion, or even those looking for the next generation in timepiece technology.

Why have a radio controlled watch?


So the main question is - why? Well, we will tell you why. Once the watch has been set to the relevant time zone, they always display the exact local time. How good is that? Regular signal reception ensures that your watch will always show the correct time. The exact time is transmitted to the watch from atomic clocks which are practically the most precise watches in the world. Basically, No setting, no resetting, and always on time. 

How accurate are atomic clocks?


Atomic clocks hardly or rarely lose time. Over a period of one million years, they could fall approx. one second out of sync. That's hardly something. To put this into a better picture: a quartz wristwatch falls a few seconds out of sync each month. And a mechanical wristwatch, regardless of how sophisticated they are, lapse many more seconds behind. The time calculated by the atomic clocks are sent to radio towers around the world. A radio controlled watch would locate a radio tower nearest to it to pick up the current time. 

What happens when I travel?


All Radio Controlled watches are generally very easy to set to the relevant time zones. If it doesn't pick up a radio tower, then it will simply continue with the time. No effort needed. 

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