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Calvin Klein - Bringing you Minimal, Rise and City.

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These perfectly polished watches were first established in 1968. Calvin Klein and The Swatch Group combined their talents and ideas to create Calvin Klein Watches. The heritage Calvin Klein have followed with their watches is that they shall launch 2 new watch collections every year and this has been pursued for the last 50 years. Calvin Klein are also swiss-made watches, making them the best of quality, yet the most affordable available swiss-made watches.

Calvin Klein watches have one of the most successful male models who has been modelling since the young age of fifteen, his name is Tyson Ballou and he now models for many famous luxury brands. Another successful male model they have had the pleasure of working with is Kim Woo Bin, the first East Asian to model for Calvin Klein and one of the most famous models in Korea. He has also won numerous awards, one of which being the best model in Korea which was the step that made him wanted by brands worldwide.

Calvin Klein are always introducing new watches and the most recent one being minimal, rise and city. Their new minimal watches feature a polished stainless-steel mesh strap and thin, simple hands and as always, they are swiss-made. The new rise watches - featured only for women – have a soft white leather strap and a unique bicolour dial, making it the centrepiece of the watch. Lastly, for your everyday work watch, they have created the City watch. This watch is simple yet eye-catching, sophisticated and of course, swiss-made. These watches are made with a metal case and leather straps with simple hands and bold batons.

This spectacular brand has been known for their beautiful yet simple designs and their rich curved metal straps from the beginning. Their original geometric designs gave them a path to create any watch they desired and from this, they created their unusual top-class watches. Since the start of their watch business, they have always been swiss-made and will hopefully stay like this.



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