Citizen Brand Ambassador – Naomi Osaka

Posted by Nicole on 6th Jul 2020

Citizen’s brand ambassador, Naomi Osaka is a tennis player born on November 16th, 1997 and currently resides in Florida. It was her father that began teaching her tennis until she joined the International Tennis Federation at the age of 14, before turning professional in 2013.

Naomi’s latest achievements include winning a grand slam title at U.S. Open 2018 (the first for Japanese tennis players), winning her 2nd grand slam title at Australia Open 2018, winning Toray Pan-Pacific Open 2019 and winning China Open 2019.

She and Citizen share the same spirit of striving to become ever better. Naomi says “I am delighted to be a part of the auspicious team of Citizen brand ambassadors, ‘better starts now’ fits perfectly with my philosophy of taking on new challenges to reach the top of the world as a tennis and sports representative. I hope my Citizen watch becomes a personal lucky charm from now on.”

Naomi has worn her fair share of Citizen watches both on court and off court. CB1101-03L, THE Naomi Osaka watch which she wears on court, sports a rubber yellow strap and blue dial. Other models Naomi has worn on the court are three Eco-Drive Bluetooth models – BZ4000-07L, BZ4006-01E and BZ4005-03E.

Off the court Naomi has worn several other models including two Promasters (AS7145-69L and CA0718-21E), an Eco-Drive One (EG9000-01A), a Citizen Collection watch (PC1002-85A) and Citizen L models (EG7068-16D and EM0643-84X).

The Limited Edition CB1101-03L is a sapphire and titanium model with a solar powered Japan-made movement. It features Eco-Drive technology, is radio controlled and uses a perpetual calendar. As an extra special something, the case-back sports Naomi Osaka’s signature. This partnership works brilliantly pairing two similar mind-sets working on persistently bettering themselves. Naomi is captivating on the court and reminds us what it means to push yourself to the top.