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Seiko Prospex "The Black Series" - Limited Edition 2018 | WatchO.co.uk

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The New Seiko Prospex "Black Series" - Limited Edition 2018

The year has just started and already Seiko have released what could possibly be the best release of 2018. Two stand-out all black diver's watches from the Prospex collection that form the Seiko "Black Series". 

Just a week before its release on our website, we received none-stop calls and enquries about the watch. It was then extremly clear this series would be impactful.

The new series includes a solar quartz (SNE493P1) and chronograph (SSC673P1) model which both look fantastic. Their distinct design and colour makes them the most eye catching models in the Prospex line. 

Inspired by the world of diving, the Seiko Black Series watches are a physical embodiment of Seiko’s rigorous standards. These watches have met every criteria possible for an outstanding Seiko diver’s watches.

The Seiko “Black Series” design illustrates the darkness of the deep sea – hard black coating fully protecting the watch case. Both models feature a clean and minimalistic silicone strap with a soft touch, this makes you wrist feel like it's being hugged by a warm smooth pillow.

To ensure reliable visibility, Seiko made the hands and hour/minute markers LumiBrite; so even in the deep parts of the sea you’ll be able to see if it's time for your lunch. Even in parts of the sea that light does not enter, the dial still maintains its readability. Able to withstand diving down to 200m, the crown also features a screw down protection, so don’t worry about pulling out the crown by accident.

Seiko’s solar technology uses solar cells with high performance electricity generation to convert all types of lights into energy to power the watches. This means leaving it under the lamp, under the kitchen spot lights or on the dash board of your car ( do NOT leave it there unattended), your watch will charge perfectly.


In closing, a big thumbs up to Seiko for this fantastic release. Two outstanding all-black models all diver's are fighting for.

If you're on the look out for a minimalistic diver's watch, with an amazingly smooth strap and a remarkable design. The Seiko "Black Series" has what you are looking for!

Seiko have called these models limited edition, so get it while you can! - Shop Now


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