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Launch: Orla Kiely Watches 


A brilliant and original fashion designer loved and renowned throughout the world, her work thrilling both royalty and the likes of you and me. Of course her being British grants her a special place in our hearts but she earned recognition throughout the world, being described by The Guardian as “The Queen of Prints”! Whether it’s bags, clothing, accessories, home & office furniture or wallpapers you know her for, you’re sure to agree that she doesn’t just fit the description, she has rightfully earned that title.

Born in Dublin, Ireland, in a family where her creativity was noticed and encouraged throughout her childhood thus leading to her graduating as a textile designer at the National College of Art and Design. Her next step in life was crossing the Ocean and establishing herself in New York for a short period of time, working as a wallpaper and fabric designer, before returning home to study for a Master’s in knitwear at the Royal College of Art in London. That’s when the first milestone in terms of her debut in fashion was reached by having her designed hats purchased by a High Street Retailer such as Harrods. From that point onwards there was no stopping her. Her creativity manifesting itself in designing bags, clothing, furniture, basically everything that surrounded her.

   Her gift of giving both life and character through colour and prints, to items we use and interact with on a daily basis, comes in all shapes and sizes; mostly featuring themes inspired by nature, everything from animals, flowers and birds.

Releasing her own brand of watches made quite an impression in the world of watchmakers.  Promoting a fresh classic look, with either plain or elegant patterned leather straps in a variety of colours. Functionality was a key priority when designing these watches as they feature Chronographic accuracy, date display and multi-dial display, with at least 2 years warranty. Her watches are now associated with elegance, precision, quality, and artistic perspectives, thus increasing their popularity with each passing day. Have a look at Orla Kiely watches available on Watcho.co.uk and see for yourself the originality and uniqueness that fascinates us all.

Amazing as they are, her accomplishments so far, as a designer are merely the tip of the ice-berg. Her greatest creation, I’ll dare use the expression “masterpiece”, is a gift to us all, and that is LIFE itself, as she is the mother of 2 boys. Her greatest creation meant to ensure that future generations will be able to indulge in the same uniqueness and creativity she accustomed us to.

With her legacy secured, the journey, or as I personally see it, her “DUTY” as an artist continues. The reason I say this is because it’s within our nature to oversee the beauty of life and nature, thus ignoring it as we focus on a technological evolution, nowadays more than ever whereas the end generally justifying the means. In other words we’re becoming “colour-blind”, disrespectful so to say towards life and nature! And it is the duty of an artist to point this out, encouraging us to open our eyes, to see the beauty of life and preserve it.

Our beloved Orla has done just that so far, and much more is to be expected of her.

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