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Flik Flak is a Swiss Made watch brand that specialises in crafting watches for children. Emerging from the Swatch brand, Flik Flak is one of the world's largest and most successful watchmakers in the children watch market.

By developing trendy watch designs like Star Wars, Spider Man, Disney Princess and Frozen watches, Flik Flak has been on every child's wish list. As well as offering the best Swiss made chidlren wathces the brand have developed a method of teaching children how to tell the time. 

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In order to help children tell the time, the brand introduced an educational concept to make learning time reading much easier - it was called the brothers Flik and Flak.

"Flik moves around the dial with the blue minute hand over the course of an hour, pointing to the blue minute digits" (Flik Flak, 2018).

"Meanwhile, Flak plods along in his red coat moving from one hour to the next, the hour markings being indicated by red digits on the watch dials which have been specially designed to help children tell the time" (Flik Flak, 2018).

Within their first month, all Flik Flak watches undergo strict tests for quality control. Every part of the watch is tested strap, material and accessories to ensure safety. 

Flik Flak watches are also machine washable, they can survive a normal 40°C cycle. So if a watch is left in a back pocket and put in a washing machine it'll be fine.

The collection features numerous popular cartoon characters, and children themed designs. All watches use a precise quartz movement and have a water resistance of up to 3 bars - so it's suitable for showering and swimming. 

What are your thoughts on Flik Flak?

Calling all parent! Flik Flak is amazing! You won't find another children watch brand that'll give you a trendy, Swiss made, water resistant, machine washable watch. All that and the price varies from £20 - £30, Flik Flak is an absolute steal! Parents make your childs' day, buy them a Flik Flak watch!

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