How to wear a watch!

Posted by Nicole on 18th Sep 2019

Everyone is different, everyone has different styles and everyone walks through life differently. But how does one wear a watch? There isn't one right way to wear a watch, there is only history and tradition, which much like life, has grown and adapted.

Traditionally and most commonly, watches are worn on the wrist opposite the hand that you write with. E.g. a right handed person would wear their watch on their left hand and a left handed writer, on their right. This is because it's just generally more comfortable when your hand is sliding across the desk etc. They are also commonly worn below the wrist bone rather than above due to the practicality and look.

The worst thing about wearing an ill fitting watch is when it's constantly spinning around your wrist as though it's the moon orbiting earth at the speed of light. Not only should it not be too loose, it also shouldn't be so tight that your arm looks like it might pop. Your watch should be loose enough to slide maybe an inch up or down your wrist and no further.

If you are yet to buy a watch, we recommend measuring your wrist first to ensure the watch will fit. If you are purchasing a watch with a bracelet strap, you can most likely ask for it to be adjusted before we send it out to you.

A common question I have heard is whether to wear your watch facing the sky or the ground. The popular option is to the sky. From experience, this makes it easier to check the time. Another bonus of wearing your watch to the sky is that it is much safer for your watch, giving less chance of scratching the face while moving about your day to day life.

Overall, the way to wear your watch is a total personal preference and whichever way makes you feel comfortable is what's best!